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Distran develops solutions using several microphones to detect, localize and track sound sources in real-time for industrial and security applications. Our solutions can also improve sound quality, especially in noisy environments, by selectively amplifying the interesting sources based on their location. Distran is a spin-of from ETH-Zurich, Switzerland created in January 2013.
  • Acoustic diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Acoustic surveillance
    • Real-time imaging, up to 60Hz
    • Locate sound sources from 500Hz to 6500Hz
    • Proprietary imaging algorithm for outstanding performance
    • 64 low-noise microphones
    • No acquisition boards needed, direct USB connection
    • Easy handling, weighs only 1 kg
    • Delivered with a high-end Manfrotto® tripod
    • Real-time interface to MATLAB®.
    • Compatible with both Windows® and Linux®


Omni 360Universal  www.distran.ch




DISTRAN NAE Spherical Beamforming NAE Acoustic Holography


The most advanced technologies to understand noise problems.


Several solutions are available to fit different requirements, presented by Nittobo Acoustic Engineer - Japan and DISTRAN - Switzerland. Even if the technological aspects are similar, the systems are rather different and focused on diversified applications.


The basic selection criteria is between the needs to identify noise sources in one specific direction (planar antenna) or in the 3d space around (spherical antenna), while the application shouuld consider the following:

Machineries On-board sources:

       => near filed =>  Holografia

Open field Noise sources :

       => far field => Beamforming

Confined 3d spaces:

       => Spherical Beamforming