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Vibro-Acoustic introduction


Vibro-Acoustic is a shareholders company of profesisonals (associated) operating with others High-Tech companies and Institutions, Test laboratories and Universities (partners).

Both associated and partners provide expertise and facilities for vibro-acoustic applicaitons.


Vibro-Acoustic: only "one" interface to customers


Vibro-Acoustic operates with the support of network resources for specific activiites to:

  • supply of Services in various fields of Acoustic, Vibration, Air, Engineering, Educations, etc. with the highest level of professional and skill
  • supply of Products and Solutions to customers as Measuring Instruments, Products and Systems or SCientific SOftware
  • supply Technical information, Bibliography and Support 
  • sustain Research and Development projects and assist in using available EU funds

Vibro-Acoustic: people, institution and partners