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Instruments and Software available

RION: Sound Level Meters and Analysers
RION: vibrometers for vibrations in the human body and hand-arm
RION: Vibration Monitoring Systems on buildings
Only 01dB Sound Level Meters
01dB Symphonie 2-channel and 4-channel Harmonie
Data Translation: System DT9837A 4 channels
01dB Systems NetdB laptops up to 32 channels
HP-Agilent system: 24 channels
ECON: Portable 8-channel
Head Acoustic system: SQ-Lab III 6 channel
Head Acoustic Systems for editing and playback signals
Svantek: Sound Level Meter and Analyzer
Bruel & Kjaer: Sound level meters and analyzers
01dB: dBENV - Software Measurement and Environmental Analysis
01dB: dBBati - software for architectural acoustics and sound insulation
01dB: dBFA: Noise and Vibration Analysis Software
01dB: dBSonic: Software for the sound perception (psycho-acoustics)
SCS: systems for materials testing
SCS: Control of noise monitoring
SCS: Vibration Monitoring Systems
SCS: multi-channel systems up to 16 channels
Acoustic Head: Head binaural recording
Head Acoustic Artemis: Software Analysis and Psycho-acoustic
DATAKUSTIK: CadnaA Software for simulation of environmental noise
CATT Acoustic: Software for building acoustics
AutoSEA: Vibro-acoustic modeling
IDEAS: Software modal analysis and simulation of vibro-acoustic
Vmap: System Modal Analysis
ECON: Measurement, Analysis and Vibration Controller
Metrolaser: laser doppler vibrometry
Nittobo Acoustic: Noise Vision - beamforming 


NVH Testing Laboratory


Semi-anechoic chamber 12 x 5 x 5 m with 1.2m diameter rollers dynamometers
ISO 3745 at 100 Hz
Semi-anechoic chamber 7 x 7 x 4 m connected to a reverberation room
ISO 3745 at 100 Hz, ISO 3744, EN 60704
Reverberation room of 10 cubic meters scaled to ISO 354
System for the measurement of sound absorption coefficient and impedance (Kundt's tube)
System for Transmisison Loss and complex impedance
System for the measurement of silencers and mufflers, air filters and fuel
System for the measurement of the resistance to flow
System for the measurement of the damping
System for the measurement of the dynamic stiffness
System for the measurement of the acoustic properties of barriers
System for the measurement of pass-by noise of motor vehicles
Electrodynamic shakers and benches 150N, 1000N and 2000N






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